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Coating Procedures

Coating Processes

Industrial powder coating is a highly complex process made up of several sub-processes:

  • parts are recorded,
  • treated,
  • dried,
  • coated with powder
  • and then baked.

Every stage of the coating process is monitored carefully to ensure that the parameters are kept to.

Pretreatment System

Betec GmbH uses the most up-to-date technology to provide their customers with nanoceramic pretreatment capable of being used on different metals. This type of pretreatment does not only provide excellent cleansing and superb formation of the conversion layer, but is also a long way ahead of other processes in its environmental friendliness.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

We set high standards for our suppliers when choosing the right powder. The choice of pigment, additive and binding agent is made according to our specifications. Many of our developments are unique on the market, characterized by their high level of functionality and their exclusive design. Cutting-edge coating plants guarantee reproducibility. Many parts are automatically coated using object recognition.