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Coatings of the XXL variety

Coating of large parts to perfection  

BETEC Beschichtungstechnik GmbH is now providing customers the luxury of a new additional XXL powder coating plant for large parts complete with the appropriate cleaning processes.

Recent investment in our new warehouse on our premises has enabled us to integrate components into our new XXL coating plant. We are now very proud to present you our new top-quality XXL powder coating plant.

To pretreat parts, we provide a new innovative nanoceramic coat which is applicable to a multitude of metals and which, with a distinct improvement in the quality of the coating, contains no phosphates, no toxic heavy metal and is free of CSB and BSB. 

Maximum size and weight

We coat items with the following dimensions and weights:

max. length

max. width

max. height

max. weight

6000 mm

2500 mm

2500 mm

1000 kg